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Ontario Gate Projects in Barrie Canada

Parking Lot Gates

Barrie Gate Systems
 Barrie parking gate equipment, security & automatic gate openers. This Barrie swing gate is ideal for underground parking lots. Access control systems and custom engineered solutions available for any Barrie parking lot!

Barrie Gate Systems designs access control security systems, barrier gates and parking lot gates including components such as gate arms, cabinets, control logic, parking pedestals, to solve access control, parking, and security application challenges for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. As a major distributor of barrier gates, access control systems and parking lot equipment and parts for the Barrie area, we engineer our gates so you are not locked into a single equipment supplier. Proudly designed and manufactured in Canada by Canadians.

Commercial & Residential Gates & Gate Openers

Security Gates • Wrought Iron Gates Parking Lot Gates • Driveway Gates

Barrie Gate Systems in Ontario provides expert commercial security gates and gate opener installation and repair in the Barrie area of Ontario.

The Barrie Driveway Gate Company is committed to quality and service in Ontario.

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Additional Information on Parking Lot Gates

Barrie Gate Systems in Ontario - Electric Driveway Gates

Installing electric gates on the driveway has become increasingly popular in recent years and their lower cost now means they are within the budget of many people.

Your driveway does not have to be large to install electric driveway gates but remember that the gates will need space to open into when the car is parked on the drive. If your drive already has manual gates then it should be possible to install electric driveway gates in their place. It may even be possible to utilize the gates you already have and attach automatic gate openers to them.

A Barrier Gate is a motorized unit which raises a gate arm from a horizontal position to a vertical position to allow the passage of a motor vehicle. These gates can have automatic controls such as card readers and vehicle detectors or they can be controlled by a switch in the security office. High Speed Barrier Gates using 10' or 12' arms will open in less than two seconds. Heavy duty gates with arms up to 24' are also available from Barrie Gate Systems in Ontario.

When used in a parking control application from Barrie Gate Systems in Ontario, a high-speed barrier gate is equipped with an automatic control logic and vehicle loop detectors. A number of other features are also added such as anti-tailgating, vehicle counting for monthly (contract) parkers and transient (hourly) parkers, and electronic reversing logic to cause the gate arm to reopen should it strike an object during descent.